Are you ready for the Dragon? She is waiting for you!

Next training --> April 25-28, 2019, in Ashland, OR

The Call of the Dragon

The fire of life, desire, power, intention, action….
Do you want to live fully, without reservation or fear?
Full of energy, with agency and with courage?
Then you want what the Dragon gives.

In this training, you will learn to ….
… name and face your dragon,
… ride your dragon
… be the dragon

What you will find is…
… power without arrogance
… authority without self-importance
… compassion without sentimentality

The Dragon presents itself to you in every moment...right here, right now. The Dragon is the Fire of Life, the Courage of your Desires, the Slayer of your Fears.  Live your life with Energy, Agency and Audacity – with no excuses and  no reservations

The Dragon Training is a 123-day process. The training begins with a 4-day seminar for you who are serious about taking the next steps in your journey to truly be in your life and in your relationships.  Continuing with a 120-day follow-up program to support you in manifesting Your Great Purpose, Your Legacy, Your Gift to humanity. You will be integrating practices and creating projects that require "new and different" behavior from yourself.

In the 4-day seminar you will…
… find, meet and understand the Dragon in you
… get access to the full power of your life force
… transform your deepest fears into energy
… access the audacity to be your authentic, unique self – and Love it
... get clear on your part in being at choice and having agency in your life

In the 120-days following the Dragon Training Seminar you will…
… receive core support as you learn how to honor and 'ride' Your Dragon
… stabilizing your optimal functioning at the next level of your personal development.
… be able to accept and transform shadows that WILL arise
… powerfully support others as you are being supported by them using dragon triad technology

The follow-up program is a rigorous process. You will be integrating practices and creative projects that require "new and different" behavior from yourself.

The Dragon Training is not for the faint-hearted or the reckless or the uninitiated.

“The face you turn toward the dragon is the face the dragon turns toward you.” Robert Moore, Ph.D.

If this calls to you, excites you, then call us and come find yourself and your dragon at the Dragon Training.