The Call of the Dragon

The Call of the Dragon

The resistance that blocks our creativity, impedes our most important accomplishments and sabotages our dreams – this very resistance is the call of The Dragon! The Dragon Training provides a path to face, understand and navigate resistance in our lives. When honored, The Dragon gifts us with the energy and clarity to create a self-directed life and our legacy to humanity.

This is the training you have been waiting for . . .

This is the master class . . .

This is the integration of all the work you have done.

The Dragon Training is the doorway to profound body/heart/mind integration and the start of lifetime practices which give you the energy, the agency and the audacity to lead a life you love.

You have learned the quadrants and worked in the energies of the Sovereign, Warrior, Magician and Lover. The Dragon Training is the experiential integration of the vertical, the Axis Mundi: below, middle and above.  The below is our physical life and the moist, dark soul. The above is our mental life: thoughts, beliefs and attitudes. The middle is where we most want to live our life, with the vibrant emotional energy of the here and now. The Dragon is the master and mistress who brings these three realms into balance: an integrated life!

What is the Dragon?

A three-part mythical, predatory creature whose:

  • Snake skin represents our contact with the earth and our body
  • Cat body represents our motivated, active emotional life
  • Wings & claws represent our self-directed imaginative and purposeful mind

The Dragon is one of the oldest archetypes and an original image of the divine life force. The Dragon is the sovereign of the vertical axis; integrating the body, the emotional life and the mind in all its complexity. The Dragon transforms your deepest fears into trust in the creation of your great legacy.

The Dragon is present in you every moment. The Dragon Training invites you to contemplate four fundamental questions:

  • Who are you at the true center of your being?
  • Why do you suffer: physically, emotionally and spiritually?
  • What is the great purpose you serve in this life?
  • How will you life with this great purpose?

Facing the certainty of death, what will your legacy to humanity be?

What to expect from The Dragon Training?

The Dragon Training is a 4-day container of women and men serious about creating energy, agency and audacity in their lives and in their relationships. The Dragon Training builds on your individual work and provides tools for awareness, joy and meaning. The Dragon Training is the start of an advanced 123 day program to integrate:

  • Your body and your life force
  • Your emotional life
  • Your mind in the largest sense: intellect, consciousness, attention, belief systems and our shared human culture (what we are taught, how we interact and are led)

The benefits of this integration are:

  • Energy – access to life force
  • Agency – you choose
  • Audacity – the willingness to take risk

Over the next 120 days, you will be part of a mentoring and challenging triad of support. With your triad, you will manifest your intentions daily and process the emotional blocks to living a conscious, energetic and intentional life. The promise of The Dragon Training is energy, agency and audacity for you to live your life more fully than you thought possible.

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